First blog post!!

Hello everyone!!this is my first blog ever….i am an Indian…little less than half the expectant age of Indians….😀I am here to share my experiences of life with all of you….all my failures n success….its a way of giving back to society ….helping people ….as a person I believe in healthy lifestyle…around one hour exercise in the morning which makes me fit mentally n physically….it includes brisk walk to jogging and some weights by hitting gym….this one hour is eternal part of my life which doesn’t get waiver even when I am on a holiday….while walking or jogging in the park I meet people … senior citizens plus people of my age too….daily conversations with these people has enriched me as a person…….i love to see and capture sunrise of different places….recently I did of Pangong Lake in Leh ….enjoyed it !!


Thank you 🙂


19 thoughts on “First blog post!!”

  1. May I welcome you to the WordPress blogging community; You have gotten a lot of 💪and potential in making into the blogging business. May I wish you the very best of luck in your new blog, and if you get stuck with ideas, so not ever give up! Just take a break and relax, then when you have good ideas again, just keep right on writing! Very 👍luck to you, With 💘-JW 🌹

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