On a Rainy afternoon

It’s beautiful Wednesday afternoon…..its raining …everything seems to be washed and cleaned…it set me in the mood to share something..my kids..who are still young n in learning stage…whom I introduced the world..teach them to walk,write …always encourage them to write a diary..so as to increase their vocab n also they will never be alone in life…yes diary will always be their friends…sharing their joys ,sorrows n experience  of  life….the kids picked well my idea….they both are avid readers n elder One can write so well that I am proud of ___….yes  my kid introduced me to this world of blog..new generation new ideas…taking my baby steps ..i am kid now..will soon grew with the help n encouremement of all of you…its always a very nice feeling to learn new things..that too from your youngsters…it strengthen your personal bonds too…


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