My life

It’s Saturday…me sitting idle…take me back into my kindergarten stage….born in a Hindu family…all festivities celebrated with lot of prayers,delicacies, friends and extended family getting together…during prayers we use bell and clap…the sound of which don’t allow anyone to distract their minds …soul n mind devoted to God….my mother belonged to Jain it was natural for we siblings to grow as vegetarian.. our visits to maternal house gave us a chance to have an insight of Jain religion …it was time to start my schooling..went to convent school wholly administered by nuns…on Fridays we were taken to Church in school campus…queued up…in total silence …another way to connect to God!!….my professional ย qualification was from a Muslim University……there I learned about holy month of Ramadan…their delicacies…so much to learn..a little India in me…

Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚











5 thoughts on “My life”

  1. Saturday is the laziest day for me. Always.
    Tells me maybe this really was the day God said we should rest on but that another story entirely tho…

    — Bless


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